Collecting Hess Trucks

Hess Trucks Shopping at ChristmasThe Hess Truck Holiday Tradition

Collecting Hess Trucks does not always begin with children.  As a grandparent I got started buying Hess Toy Trucks for my grandsons.  At first it seemed like a pretty nifty toy.  Each year as I added to their collection I took some extra time to learn about Hess Trucks and discovered the Hess Tradition.

The Hess Truck Tradition became a holiday ritual in our household.  Every year the new and exciting Hess Truck was introduced during the Thanksgiving holiday season and we bought our Hess Toy Trucks for each of the grandsons.  Now 10 years later, my son is buying Hess Trucks every holiday season for his sons, thus continuing the Hess Truck Tradition.

The more I learned about the story of Hess Trucks the more I enjoyed and looked forward to every holiday season when Hess released their new toy truck.  One of the very best ways to learn about the Hess Truck is to get a copy of the Hess Toy Truck Anniversary Book.  It has a timeline history, photos, and descriptions of every toy through their 40 year anniversary in 2004.

Take time to learn more about the Hess Truck Holiday Tradition and consider making it a part of your own family holiday tradition!


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