Hess GraduationMemorable Hess Graduation Gifts

You have many unique and creative gift options when it comes to saying, “Congratulations!” with collectible Hess Trucks. CLICK HERE to see the “Hess Birth Year” page.

1.  Your Graduate’s Birth Year:  What a great way to commemorate your graduate’s important accomplishment.  Give them a brand new Hess Collectible Truck from their birth year.  For example, here are some typical birth years for the class of 2016. CLICK HERE to shop for Hess Trucks.
• Kindergarten Grad: 2010-2011
• Eighth Grade Grad: 2002-2003
• High School Grad: 1997-1998
• College Grad:  1994-1996

2. Your Graduate’s First Year:  Another way to say “Congratulations!” is by giving them a Hess Truck that commemorates their first year in school.  Here are some typical ‘first’ years for the class of 2016. CLICK HERE to shop for Hess Trucks.
• Kindergarten Grad: 2015 (Year One)
• Eighth Grade Grad: 2007-2008 (First Grade)
• High School Grad: 2012-2013 (Freshman)
• College Grad: 2012-2013 (Freshman)

3. Your Graduate’s Area of Interest:  If your graduate has an interest in aerospace, then we have a Hess Truck for that!  If they have a passion for astronomy and outer space, check!   CLICK HERE to see many of the Hess Truck Themes that feature Hess Trucks by category, such as those with aircraft, emergency vehicles, etc.

Hess 84 Display4. Give Your Grad Some History. Go Vintage!  If you would like to send your graduate off with rare collectible Hess Truck, we offer a full range of Hess Trucks dating back to the very first Hess Tanker Truck in 1964.  These rare collectible trucks continue to go up in value as the years go by.  We also offer Deluxe Display Cases that make a perfect accessory to your gift of a rare Hess Truck Collectible. CLICK HERE to shop Hess Trucks and search the 1960s, 1970’s and 1980’s for some truly rare and valuable gems!

Mark this graduation year with a distinctive Hess Truck Gift.  It will put a smile on your graduates’ face!