First Responders

Hess Trucks First Responders

A Jackie’s Hess Toy Store Tribute To First Responders

Now through the Fourth of July we pay tribute to America’s First Responders with a special sale on select Hess Trucks that are just like the ones used by fire fighters and police across our great land. We have pulled an outstanding selection of Hess Toy Trucks that span 4 exciting decades of fun! —-Turn on the flashing emergency lights and crank up the siren, there is a Hess Fire and Rescue Sale in progress!

Hess Trucks US FlagRoll ‘Code 3’ on a deal just for you! For a limited time buy any 3 First Responder sale items below and we will send you a bonus Hess Truck of our choice from our 1990’s Hess Truck inventory!  Just add a note when you check out, “CODE 3” and we will add your bonus truck.



2012 Hess Truck
2012 Hess Helicopter & Rescue Vehicle: Hess to the rescue from the air with the exciting lights and sounds of the 2012 Hess Helicopter & Rescue Vehicle. HES-12A $55.95. Now $49.95Hess-Buy-Now

2005 Hess Emergency Truck & Rescue Vehicle: Flashing lights and siren sounds to the rescue with the iconic 2005 Hess Emergency Truck with the red Rescue Vehicle. HES-05A  $59.95. Now $55.95Hess-Buy-Now

2000 Hess Fire Truck: Considered one of the Hess Classics among collectors, the looonnng Hess Fire Truck with flashing lights, siren, and extendible ladder. HES-00A $65.95. Now $55.95Hess-Buy-Now


1996 Hess Truck1996 Hess Emergency Truck: Rugged and ready Hess Emergency Truck with extendible ladder and rear search light. HES-96A  $49.95. Now $45.95Hess-Buy-Now




1994 Hess Rescue Truck: Retro fun to the rescue!  Hess Rescue Truck with flashing red lights, siren, and an extendible red ladder.HES-96A $39.95. Now $35.95Hess-Buy-Now

1993 Hess Patrol Car: 1993 Hess TruckPull over for fun.  This patrol car has flashing red and blue lights along with siren sounds.  HES-93A $45.95. Now $37.95Hess-Buy-Now



1989 Hess Truck1989 Hess Fire Truck Bank:  If you collect Hess Toy Trucks, then you know this was the first year Hess went from the classic red fire truck to the new white livery. An absolute must for your Hess collection. HES-89A $65.95. Now $55.95Hess-Buy-Now



1986 Hess Truck1986 Hess Fire Truck: Last but not least is a true vintage Hess Fire Truck featuring a 3-section extendible ladder.  You know this truck is vintage when you see how batteries are loaded. A classic tribute to the American fire fighter. (Very limited quantities of this truck) HES-86A $149.95. Now $129.95Hess-Buy-Now

2005 Hess Truck

The 2005 Hess Emergency Truck & Rescue Vehicle  Reg. $59.95 Now $55.95Our best-selling Hess Emergency Truck! Hess-Buy-Now



Remember, buy any 3 First Responder sale items on this page and you get a FREE bonus Hess Truck of our choice from our 1990’s Hess Truck inventory!