1987 Hess 18 Wheeler Bank

The 1987 Hess 18 Wheeler Bank introduced the first major change to an overall white livery for the truck series, a big departure from the all of the past editions using the dark green color scheme. This white and green Hess Truck was an 18-wheeler coin bank that included 3 small oil barrels with Hess decals. There were several versions of the 1987 toy that make it an important addition to any Hess Truck collection. There were 3 versions: A Hong Kong edition (900,000 made), a rare China “gold grill” edition (only 100,000 made), and the Hong Kong “smooth step” edition (only 200,000 manufactured) which is similar to the main Hong Kong edition with the exception of the chrome doorstep on the cab is smooth vs. the normal diamond pattern. This toy features clearance and running lights in addition to the headlights and taillights. Chrome details include exhaust stacks, horns on the roof of the cab and side mirrors on the doors. The trailer portion has sliding doors, a coin slot on the roof, and a red knob on the back door that opens the coin bank.