Hess Helicopters

April Is Hess Helicopter Month!

Hess Trucks2012 Hess Helicopter 

Lift off with extra savings during April on all Hess Truck Helicopter sets.  This month you can choose from 4 unique Hess Helicopters. First up is the 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue Vehicle. Click Here to learn more.




2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter Brown Box2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter

Next spinning up is the 2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter. Many clever and engaging features. Click Here to learn more.


2001 Hess Helicopter2001 Hess Helicopter With Motorcycle & Cruiser

Loaded with excitement, the 2001 Helicopter’s payload includes a sleek motorcycle and mini cruiser. Click Here to learn more.



1995-hess1995 Hess Truck & Helicopter 

The very first Hess Helicopter in the series remains a collectors’ favorite. The 1995 Hess Truck & Helicopter on sale in April , the 2001. Click Here to learn more.


Hess-Trucks-Brown-BoxHess Helicopter Brown Box Specials.

Want to save even more, check out Brown Box Hess Helicopters. These are open box units that do not have the original 4 color Hess box or inserts. We carefully check and test each toy in our brown box category and guarantee that they are in like new condition. Click Here to learn more.