1982-83 Hess Truck #82100


Named “The First Hess Truck,” this commemorates the old second-hand truck that founder Leon Hess drove to deliver fuel oil to customers back during the Great Depression in 1933. In addition to working lights, it features a detailed interior, doors that open, a moveable hose rolled up on the passenger side.  The front windshield is open and there are rear view mirrors on the doors.  The company made 1,000,000 of these toys.  The actual 1933 truck has been completely restored and is on exhibit today at the Woodbridge, NJ office of the company.

1982-83 Hess Truck Inventory #82100: Because these rare and fragile toys are several decades old, we provide additional photos of the actual toy that you will receive. Please carefully review these items and reply with your emaito confirm that this toy meets your expectations.  Once received your toy will ship within 2 business days.

HES-SKU #82100 Detail:  SKU#82100 is a beautiful vintage Hess Truck.  The toy is 9.9 / 10.0 and the box is 9.7 / 10.0. Only reason for 9.7 is because of very light writing on bottom of box. See photo documentation on slide #2 and #3 below.  All of the parts are present and in excellent condition.  Tabs on the back of the tank are all present and battery door tab is solid.  I personally inspected this toy and certify it’s condition as documented below and will pack it carefully to ensure there will be no damage in shipping. Please note that the headlight photo is blurry, but was included to show headlights and tail lights are working fine.

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Hess Tanker Truck SKU #82100 Photo Documentation

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