2006 Hess Truck

There were two different Hess Truck editions released in 2006. The first was a very limited edition Hess Truck and Racers that was not sold to the public and is extremely rare. Only 3,000 were made to hand out on the NYSE trading floor on May 9, 2006 by the Hess Corporation. The second edition was The 2006 Hess Truck and Helicopter.  The company made 1,600,000 of these trucks for public sale and released them during the 2006 holiday season.  The 2006 Hess Truck and Helicopter featured a fully operational helicopter with moving rotor and rear stabilizer, and it was mounted on the back of a flatbed tractor-trailer that had sequencing landing lights.  The tractor and trailer had front and rear lights as well as 31 separate working lights on the trailer.  The helicopter had folding blades that also had two rotor modes.