2010 Hess Truck

Another Hess Truck first was the introduction of a jet plane to the series.  Not just any jet, but one that looks like an F-22 Raptor fighter jet with retractable landing gear! This sleek jet has 13 button-activated lights that can be switched to a flashing mode.  And, yet another Hess Truck Series first, this jet features motion activated sounds when it dives, banks, and climbs!  It also offers ignition and takeoff sounds that are button activated.

The 14-wheeler flatbed truck features a dual piston hydraulic lift raises the platform that doubles as a launch and landing pad complete with sequencing runway lights.  The truck has many chrome accents and has two buttons: one raises the platform and starts the lights, and the second turns on the truck lights to one of 3 different modes. Hess made 1,600,000 of these very popular toys.