Vintage Hess Truck Ad From 1964

Hess Trucks 1964 Vintage AdA Chuck Miller blogpost from 2009 had a great piece of the Hess Toy Truck tradition. It included one of Hess Corporation’s first newspaper ads promoting the toy Hess Transport Truck.

I doubt if Leon Hess and his Woodbridge associates had any idea that they were creating an eduring tradition when they decided to manufacture a toy truck to carry the Hess brand to their loyal customers.

This old ad brings a smile to my face.  What a humble beginning for such an exceptional concept.  Kudos to the Hess founder and those who have kept the tradition thriving through the decades!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Hess Truck Ad From 1964

  1. Gentlemen—-I was saddened to hear of the sale of Hess gasoline —-but our concern was more drawn to the purchase of the miniture hess trucks at our local gas station,along with the regular size models—-are things being done to purchase these items locally????

  2. We all are feeling like its the end of a tradition in our family. You can still buy the 2014 Hess Truck at Hess Express Stations this holiday season starting in Mid-November. However, 2015 the Hess Mini and Hess Truck will only be available online.

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